Microcoin CX

Microcoin CX

The Microcoin CX is an MDB compatible coin changer designed to fit all vending, transit, kiosk and payment transaction systems that require tube based change giving. It is a modern design with modular construction which offers easy access to all serviceable parts and provides a high capacity, 5-tube coin cassette.

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Supply voltage
16 to 42 Volts DC

Current consumption (24V supply)
Quiescent: 100mA
Dispensing coins: 500mA typical
Peak – dispenser stall: 1500mA < 1 sec

Coin Diameter
To tubes: 15 – 27mm
To cash box: 15 – 33mm

Coin Thickness
To tubes: 1.3 – 3.2mm
To cash box (diameter < 27 mm): 1.3 – 3.5mm
To cash box (diameter < 33 mm): 1.3 – 2.5mm

Coin handling
Input: 2 coins per second
Dispensing: Up to 4 coins per second

Coin acceptance
Up to 16 coins and/or tokens

MDB compatible

Operating Temperature
0° – 55°C

Storage Temperature
-10° – 65°C

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