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The coin-op amusement industry broadly covers :

Video Games
Pool Table

All typically require multi-coin operation in either front or top entry configurations. The Microcoin validator can be set up to operate in any mode these markets require.

The 10 way connector and mechanical design makes the Microcoin QL validator industry compatible in both electrical connectivity and mechanical fit.

Features which target this market are :

Price Accumulator

A strong Microcoin feature is the built-in price accumulator or credit line. This allows multiple coins to be inserted and whose values are added up within the validator. When a pre-programmed value has been reached, a credit pulse is issued on the credit line.

For example, 5 x 20c coins will generate 1 x $1 credit pulse if the accumulator is set for $1.

Coin strimming prevention

This is where coins are attached to string or fishing line and inserted into a validator. When a credit is registered, the coin is pulled back in an attempt to get a “free game”.

The Microcoin has a mechanical anti-strimming gate and an electronic “yo-yo” alarm available in both top-entry and front-entry formats.

Once a coin has passed the anti-strimming gate, it prevents a coin from being drawn back through the validator. To obtain a credit, the coin must have passed this gate, which makes this type of fraud very difficult to achieve.

Located below the anti-strimming gate is a set of optics which track the passage of the coin. If a coin is sensed to be moving in the reverse direction, an electronic alarm is immediately issued.

Additionally, the front-entry model has a V-shaped cutter, which will cut lines inserted into the faceplate.

Quick Learn on-board programming

The new Quick Learn on-board programming features allow you to turn coins on or off and program up to 5 new coins/tokens. These, combined with the visual diagnostics make the QL very appealing to operators.

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The Amusement industry has different meanings across the world. In Europe, Amusement encompasses AWP and soft gambling operations, whereas, in Australia and the USA, the Amusement industry covers the likes of video games, pinball machines, redemption machines and pool tables, which in turn, is better described as the Leisure industry in Europe.

Amusement (AWP)

The European AWP industry, or Amusement With Prize, is seen as a form of soft gambling. It is essentially a machine which is operated by a coin or token and provides a player the opportunity to participate in a game of chance to win a prize. In the UK, the payout is almost always in the form of money. However, there are also toys and confectionery that also can be given as prizes.

In European countries it is permitted for notes to also be used as a method of payment stake. The Law in the UK currently states that only coin of the realm can be used however, deregulation will mean that notes will also be able to be used.

An AWP machine requires a bank note reader which is cost-effective yet offers high security, particularly in the area of note storage, where lockable and removable cassettes are often required


The leisure industry is dominated by coin-operated machines, with little penetration by Bank Note Readers as an alternative for accepting cash.

In markets where there is little high value currency, low-end bank note readers are sometimes used, which are configured to only accept low denomination notes, such as US$1, $5. Typically this applies to redemption machines.

The GBA ST2 or GBA ST1C bill acceptors offer a quality solution.