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The car wash industry is an extremely rugged environment for coin validators to operate in. Chemical aggravation, water egress, vandalism are all par for the course in this challenging market.

The Microcoin validator has been operating in the carwash industry throughout the world with huge success and the Microcoin QL carries on the tradition of its predecessors for long term reliability.

Typical applications are :

Wash Bays – Coin operated self-service carwash, which requires customer to insert coins into control panel to “buy” time. Customer can then use the facilities of the wash bay to clean, rinse, wax the vehicle.

Autocashiers– Entry systems to automatic car-washes. Customer drives up to the autocashier, inserts coins and/or notes to purchase a wash. Typically there are up to 4 different wash cycles to choose from.

Vacuums– Coin-operated vacuum system located on the car-wash site or at a petrol station to offer a car cleaning service to the customer. Customer inserts coins to buy time for the operation.

Fragrance Machines– Coin-operated machine which offers various fragrances to spray into the vehicle.

Change Machines– Change machines offer on-site facilities to change notes to coins for use at the wash site. Coin validators are used to accept higher denomination coins and to dispense correct change. For example, $2 coins are accepted and 2 x $1 coins are dispensed.