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Kiosks form a new and expanding market within the vending industry. They provide an interactive vending environment, where customers can pay for products and/or services through a variety of transaction means, coin, cash or card.

Kiosks are often viewed simply as providing computer-based , E-commerce applications. In fact, a kiosk is a vending “station” which can be a pay station in a car park or a change machine in a carwash.

Kiosk applications, therefore, require different cash handling solutions based upon their particular needs.

Phone Card
A phone card kiosk may only, at its simplest, require a note acceptor, without any stacking options. If it is contained in a route operation, additional security could be added by considering a note stacker.

Multimedia kiosks, again, may only require a simple note reader when operating in secure, attended environments. However, standalone, remote operations, may require a more sturdy design with a much more security-conscious approach to storing notes.

Pay Stations
Pay stations are usually quite substantial machines, which offer a multitude of cash payment options (coin, cash and card) and sophisticated change giving facilities.

Due to the nature of these applications, the bank note readers typically have highly secure, lockable and removable note cassettes.

Change Machine
Change machines are used in many industries to accept notes and provide one type of coin or a selection of coins in return. For example:

  • Carwash operations use change machines to provide a 24 hour source of coins, so that their clients can easily use the self-serve wash bays.
  • Gaming venues provide change machines so that customers do not have to line up to exchange notes for coins to play their favourite slot machine.