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The world of Gaming requires special detail to coin acceptance rates, fraud minimisation and particularly security.

To meet these exacting standards, the Microcoin QL validator can be specifically configured as a secure, high speed, multi-coin or single coin acceptor.

In this Gaming configuration, the Microcoin QL is plug compatible with industry standard connectors and will mechanically fit into any 17mm-32mm coin operation.

Coupled with the Microcoin QL is the Microcoin 2 way separator, which provides a high speed, electronic diverter replacement for existing mechanical, solenoid operated divert systems.

Coin Acceptance

The Gaming industry requires coins to be accepted at speeds up to 10 coins per second. The Microcoin validator is rated at these accept speeds even for multi-coin operation.

Using its “open gating” method of operation, coins can be accepted at these high speeds and any frauds or invalid coins within the coin stream are rejected without disrupting the valid coin acceptance.


Managing frauds is an on-going process and fraud minimisation is achieved through our highly developed coin discrimination technology. Should a fraud be detected, it can be examined and a solution put in place extremely quickly by virtue of the tools and facilities available at the factory.


The subject of security is of paramount importance. Not only does the validator have to counter coin fraud, there must also be protection against human fraud. That is, the ability to cheat the validator through manipulation or by altering its programmable features.

The Microcoin validator has the capacity for on-board programming and can be field programmed using the Micromate hand-held programmer. Access to these features, however, is completely disabled under the Microcoin “security” option, with the exception of enabling or disabling a coin. Security is activated for all Gaming applications.

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The Gaming industry generally refers to Casino style operations, where bank note readers, BNR’s, are typically mounted within a slot machine. Gaming BNR’s are specifically designed for this application, with major emphasis given to security and physical design.

Due to the security requirements of the Gaming industry, BNR’s are required to provide secure, lockable and removable note cassettes.

Communciations are conducted serially to the host machine, to ensure that data integrity is maintained.

Fraud note detection and physical tampering are events which must be closely monitored to ensure the secure operation of the BNR.

Note insertion
The front door of a slot machine usually has a slanted “play field” directly beneath the screen, which must accommodate the play buttons, coin entry slot and note entry guide.

Since the note entry requirements are very specific, the BNR must be designed to accept notes through a horizontal slot located at the top of the unit. Accepted notes are then directed down into a secure stacking cassette.

Physical dimensions
The physical dimensions of the Gaming BNR are very particular in order to meet the note insertion requirements of a slot machine.

They must also satisfy the space restrictions within the slot machine. Therefore the BNR must fit into a defined mechanical envelope with front access to its cashbox.