About Us

Specialising in high-performing coin
acceptors and banknote validators.

Astrosys International Ltd specialises in the design, manufacture and distribution of banknote acceptors and coin validators, under the following brands:

Microcoin coin validators
Global Bill Acceptor banknote acceptors

Astrosys International Ltd is a subsidiary of the Hong Kong-based Astrotech Group, which was founded in 1985 as an electronics manufacturing company and now has a comprehensive, ISO9001 certified manufacturing plant in China with a workforce of 2000 employees.

With leading-edge technology, engineering excellence and superior service and support, it has earned an excellent reputation in the currency handling business, providing dedicated solutions to its clients across a range of coin and note markets including Gaming, Vending and Amusement

Astrosys International Ltd services its diversified world-wide markets by a strong international network of offices in Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom, supported by representation in other key global markets: The regional offices are:

USA: Astrosystems Inc
Australia: Microsystem Controls Pty Ltd
Europe: Astrosystems Ltd
Hong Kong: Astrosystems (Far East) Ltd

The company is dedicated to on-going GBA and Microcoin research and development programs, maintaining a strong focus on coin and note product development and future technology implementation. A large software library provides note and coin programs for over 100 international currencies and patented designs., incorporating complex electrical, optical and magnetic technology providing reliable, secure and user-focused product solutions.

The clear vision that has been articulated for the direction of the company has never changed

Astrosys International Ltd will continue to lead its field by:

• The ongoing development of market specific innovative products and services;
• The continued introduction of leading edge technology;
• Differentiating its service to clients and adding value in a competitive global business environment;
• Pursuing a policy of partnership and in-depth understanding of its clients’ business needs.

Our mission is to continously provide technically superior quality products and to exceed our customer’s expectations with honest, integrity and services.

“Technology, Quality, Service in Motion”

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