Cash Handling interview

Cash Handling interview

Both Sides Of The Coin – InterGame January 2006
Robert Bird from major currency handling organisation Microsystem Controls speaks to Alex Lee about his business strategies, coin and note validator products and the future of the coin and note acceptor market…

Microsystem Controls, or Microcoin, as it is commonly referred to, is part of the Astrosys International group of companies. Widely acknowledged as one of the leading coin validation technology experts worldwide, Microcoin was acquired by Hong Kong based Astrosys International in 1999, to complement its GBA banknote reader business. There are two key product lines which its group supports: Microcoin electronic multi-coin validator and the GBA (Global Bill Acceptor) banknote validator.

Its regional offices are as follows. Europe: Astrosystems. US: Astrosystems. Australia: Microsystem Controls. Hong Kong: Astrosystems (Far East).

Within the Microcoin operations in Australia, Bird’s role is marketing and sales manager, which covers all aspects of sales and marketing for Microsystem Controls. In a more wide-ranging role, I also have group responsibilities as the Astrosys International group marketing manager, where I am responsible for marketing related issues such as brand management, website development, advertising, press releases and so on. …….


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